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Travel safely with your pet

Travel safely with your pet

Class Care™ for our furry friends—because we understand that they’re not just a pet, they’re family. Our pet travel program offers options for transporting your pet safely with top-notch care from just $1001 each way. It is important you purchase the right sized and compliant container for your animal. There are specific container sizes applicable to cats and dogs. Allow your pet to have enough space to turn around normally while standing, to stand and sit fully, and to lie in a natural position. Authentication of the USDA certificate forms may be required by the country to which you will be traveling with your pet.

You may view more information about form requirements on theUSDA-APHISwebsite at and whether forms need to be authenticated. The most common form that will need authentication is7001 USDA-APHIS Form. If the temperature is below 20 degrees Fahrenheit (-6.6 degrees C), your pet cannot be checked even with a letter from your vet. You cannot travel with a carry-on pet on transpacific trips.

Pet Travel

Cars This indicates a link to an external site that may not follow the same accessibility or privacy policies as Alaska Airlines. Hotels This indicates a link to an external site that may not follow the same accessibility or privacy policies as Alaska Airlines. Flight Pass This indicates a link to an external site that may not follow the same accessibility or privacy policies as Alaska Airlines. The only option left is for your pet to travel in the cargo hold. But in addition to adhering to the IATA Live Animals Regulations, some countries and airlines have their own specific requirements for the carriage of live animals.


As a pet owner, you must face the fact that your pet will most likely not outlive you. Pets age at a pace seven times their owners and are very likely to incur veterinary expenses during your time with them.

Not all birds or animals qualify as pets. Find out if your pet qualifies to travel.

Fees indicated are per kennel/carrier and for travel on Alaska Airlines only. If your itinerary includes travel on another airline, the other airline fee may be assessed. Typically, airlines require pet health certificates that are no older than 10 days, even if the receiving country accepts an older one. Some countries, however, require a health certificate to be even less than 10 days. U.S. government employees or family members may contact theOverseas Briefing Centerfor information on airline restrictions. PCS passengers can book their dogs and cats on AMC Patriot Express flights.

Air travel can be risky for pets

According to USDA restrictions, animals should be offered water every 12 hours, so for travel with a checked pet to LAX or DFW, you must book a flight 12 hours or less. Our hands-on staff are dedicated to the highest standards of love and care while your pet travels with us. We have a team of experienced consultants, veterinarians and animal handlers here to give you peace of mind over your pets travel itinerary.

If the compliance check was performed in another EU Member State, you should produce proof of this on arrival into Ireland. If you originally came from outside the EU and a compliance check was not carried out in another EU Member State, then you must have a compliance check carried out on arrival into Ireland. When pet movers with PetEmbark, they are in the caring hands of our compassionate team members, who treat your pet like their own. Try not to fly with your pet during busy travel times such as holidays and the summer. Your pet is more likely to undergo rough handling during hectic travel periods.

Please ensure you retain all paperwork for the animal as you may be asked to present documentary evidence of the animals’ compliance with the pet travel rules throughout your journey. Pets must be accompanied by their owner or an authorised person. Effective July 14, 2021, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention implemented a temporary suspension for dogs entering the United States from high-risk countries for dog rabies. Visit the CDC website for the latest restrictions and requirements.

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