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Electricians & Plumbers Hong Kong Business Directory

Inspects structure to ascertain obstructions to be avoided to prevent weakening of structure resulting from installation of pipe. Checks building plans and working drawings to determine work aids required and sequence of installations. This page is a promotion for ERI’s Assessor Series and is not intended for professional use. We have no conflict of interest from consulting or contracting, which allows us to stay independent and objective. Explore the most complete set of 6.6 million time series covering more than 200 economies, 20 industries and 18 macroeconomic sectors.

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Another Kowloon school, St. Francis of Assisi’s Caritas School in Shek Kip Mei, reported contamination above WHO standards in three out of five samples taken from its premises. One sample was found to contain 220 mg of lead per litre of water; two other samples, from the kitchen and canteen, were found to have 25 mg and 26 mg of lead per litre, respectively. This spurred the Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union to urge the government to test water in all of Hong Kong schools, and give financial assistance and issue guidelines to schools opting to have their own water supply tested. Potable water that is used in Hong Kong indicated high levels of heavy metal when it was tested. The discovery was made in 2015 when the Democratic Party undertook the responsibility of testing the water that was used at Kai Ching Estate. 通渠 discovered the presence of heavy metal in the water that was used was higher in comparison to the World Health Organization standards.

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Demand for plumbers is expected to grow as fast as the average for all other occupations. Sprinkler maintenance work is growing especially quickly, as states adopt stricter fire safety guidelines, so plumbers with interest and skill in this specialty may have especially plentiful opportunities. A high school diploma and a four-to-five-year apprentice experience is typically required for entry to the field. “Task force announces preliminary findings of investigation into cause of excessive lead content in drinking water”. Samples of potable water in Hong Kong were found to contain excessive levels of heavy metals including lead, nickel and cadmium in 2015.

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Find market rates for jobs by location, industry, and size. Can assist with a range of issues including drain and pipe installation and declogging, septic tank treatment, repair of any electrical, lighting and pump problems and the fixing of doors, windows and locks. English-speaking plumbers and electricians in Hong Kong and Kowloon for emergency repairs and servicing, water leaks, drainage, lighting and other plumbing and electric needs.

Individual buildings and institutions have commissioned water testing at their premises across the city. The government is conducting testing at many schools and public estates. Check out ERI’s Salary Assessor to get differential pay for night shifts, day shifts, and swing shifts. Using ERI’s robust database, you can accurately price jobs based on industry-specific shift differential policies. ERI compiles shift differential pay data based on salary survey data to help users find reliable compensation information.

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Responsible for preparation of design, authorities’ submission, tender deliverables and project coordination Attractive salary and fringe… Tell us about your project and get help from sponsored businesses. ERI conducted a survey regarding remote work compensation and inflation between August and September 2022.

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